For Intimate Gatherings

Add Music To Your Engagement, Dinner Meeting, or Birthday Celebration!

If you are planning a smaller, more intimate gathering, music has a profound ability to greatly enhance the atmosphere, whether it’s an engagement party, a birthday celebration, or an intimate dinner gathering at your chosen venue.

Music has the power to enhance the atmosphere of engagement parties, birthday celebrations, and small dinner gatherings by setting the tone, energizing the crowd, evoking emotions, and fostering connection among guests. Whether it’s through romantic melodies, upbeat tunes, or ambient background music, incorporating the right music adds an extra layer of depth and enjoyment to any occasion.


Engagement parties are often joyous occasions filled with excitement and anticipation. The right music can help set the tone for the celebration, creating an atmosphere of love and happiness!

Dinner Parties

Music plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance for small dinner gatherings. Soft, soothing melodies can create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, perfect for fostering conversation and connection among guests.


Birthday parties come in all shapes and sizes, but music can enhance the mood of any celebration. Music can reflect the personality of the birthday honoree, creating a memorable experience.

Packages & Pricing 


If you enjoy hearing the original compositions of your favorite tunes, but would like to add live vocal to the mix, this option gives you the best of both worlds. I also serve as your host/MC, making special announcements at the event.

$100 per hour (3 hr. minimum)


This option is the “Best of Both Worlds” as it is similar to the Solo package, but with a pianist added in, giving your overall atmosphere a live ________.  This option  also comes with the hosting/MC _______, making special announcements.

This option is similar to option 1, with a live piano/keyboard added in.

$125 per hour (3 hr. minimum)

Background Only

If you would like a very simplified tone at your intimate gathering, then you can choose to have pre-recorded music playing from a sleek speaker that sits comfortably in your space, which takes ony 5 minutes to set up.

$75 per hour (2 hr. minimum)

Customize Your Band

Our high-energy horn section will kick your guests’ adrenaline into overdrive.